Teaching healthy eating habits to students- need of the hour

On a Monday evening, as I was reading an article I came to know about the story of Ms. Marla’s daughter, Gracia:

Gracia had a habit of eating pizzas and burgers everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She would always resist eating nutritious food. The other day she was trying to wear her old pair of jeans but her body gained so much weight that she was not able to fit in her jeans that she bought 4 months ago. With time she had started looking overweight and her existing clothes would not fit her.

Ms. Marla looked extremely concerned about her daughter. She wanted her daughter to learn the importance of healthy eating. She thought that teaching healthy eating habits to students is extremely critical. 

According to a research published by Taylor and Francis Group, ‘Fast food can deteriorate your child’s academic performance’. The research emphasizes on the importance of healthy eating habits and why healthy eating habits need to be taught to existing customers.

 I feel that it’s important that you learn the importance of healthy eating habits. Teaching healthy eating habits to students and our future generations will become a lot easier when you and I are able to adopt it yourself first.

We have all remained a student at some point or the other. By reading this article you will understand how healthy eating habits can affect your life as a student and how you can succeed in teaching healthy eating habits to students in schools and colleges.

 Before getting into teaching healthy eating habits to students let’s understand what are healthy eating habits?

What are healthy eating habits?

Healthy eating refers to consumption of nutritious food to maintain your health, have energy and feel well. These nutrients include a balanced amount of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fats, etc. Other than these nutrients our body also needs water for survival.

A healthy diet protects our body against malnutrition and other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer.

What is the importance of healthy eating?

Out of the million reasons that make it important for you to eat healthy, some of the reasons include:

  1. Overall healthy metabolism: A healthy diet helps to improve digestion and aids the body in multiple other functions as well.
  2. Weight management: Consuming the same number of calories that one burns in a day leads to weight management. It not just the quality of food that matters. It is also the quantity of food that matters.
  3. Prevention from diseases: Too much or too little of any kind of nutrient can lead to diseases. There should be adequate presence of all kinds of nutrients.

Imagine yourself to be Gracia who has been mentioned above. Don’t you want to fit in your old clothes and look attractive? Don’t you want to do well in your studies? Don’t you want to remain healthy? If the answer to any of these questions is a yes then you must continue to read.

What are the benefits of healthy eating for students?

As a student, you can reap a lot of benefits from healthy eating.  Here are a few benefits of healthy eating habits for students:

  1. A nutritious and healthy diet improves brain function: When a student consumes a diet that is nutritious for him or her then he can concentrate better in class as nutritious food provides energy to the mind.
  2. Healthy eating helps students to show up to school ready to learn: Healthy eating facilitates a feeling of activeness in the student that helps him stay active in all the activities that he needs to perform in school.
  3. Nutritious diet helps to reduce the number of sick leaves to be taken at school: A healthy and nutritious diet helps to cure and reduce ailments. It gets digested easily and aids the student to avoid taking sick leaves.

According to a research, students perform better when they are well nourished. Eating healthy can lead to better grades, memory and alertness.

Why is teaching healthy eating habits important?

Teaching healthy eating habits to students is extremely important because students are our future and our future generation needs to learn healthy eating habits in order to stay healthy, happy and create a brighter future in any work that they do.

  1. Teaching healthy eating habits to students is necessary because it allows students to understand how their diet can help in emotional well being.
  2. Nutrition education can help students understand how to create and manage a balanced diet.
  3. Students can perform well in studies and by having a good diet.
  4. Students must be taught about healthy eating habits because these habits help build energy in extracurricular activities.
  5. Students who are aware of healthy eating habits will crave less about consuming junk food.

What are the good eating habits for students?

  1. Include a balance of different dietary nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals in every meal.
  2. Drink lots of water (atleast 6-8 glasses a day).
  3. Go for healthy snacks instead of junk food.
  4. Try to eat a salad every day.
  5. Fill up your plate with veggies like beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, seeds and greens.  
  6. Eat as much fruit as possible.

How does eating healthy affect students?

Eating healthy helps to build focus:  According to a research on eating habits and academic performance, it was found that eating healthy helps students in focusing on what they are learning. A healthy breakfast prepares you for the day.

Eating healthy helps in thinking:

Food energy plays a role in supporting our neurological body functions. Our mind is dependent on the energy that it obtains from our diet. Nutritious food helps to build concentration and achieve high grades.

Eating healthy keeps you fresh and sharpens memory: Healthy food can improve your performance on vocabulary, improves your ability to recall and visual skills tests.

Eating a healthy diet can be very useful to manage weight of a student: If someone is malnourished then he/she can become healthy by eating a healthy & nutritious diet.

If I have to conclude then I would like to say that there is no end to me stating the benefits of a nutritious diet for students, My question is are you going to taking action towards adopting healthier food alternatives.

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