Unbelievable tips for Healthy Lifestyle and Eating Habits

Before we discuss the tips for healthy lifestyle and eating habits let’s read some amazing facts on a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Did you know these healthy lifestyle facts can help you be happy and healthy?

  • Including bananas in our diet can cheer up your mood.
tips for healthy lifestyle and eating habits

The Vitamin B6 which is present in bananas helps our brain produce serotonin which acts as a mood stabilizer for our brain. It also helps us sleep and digest food and reduce depression related issues.

  • Companionship is good for your heart.

Having someone to talk to especially during your old age is good for your heart and can help improve longevity. People who are socially active and engage in different communities live longer lives.

  • An optimistic person is expected to live longer.

Research has proven that there is a correlation between increasing optimism levels causing decreasing levels of death from cancer, disease, infection and stroke. An optimistic person is 40% less likely to suffer from heart problems.

I am sure that these facts shall encourage you to stay happy. Happiness is one aspect of good health. The other aspects include food and exercise. I know that we are fond of chole bhathure, samosa, pakora, chaat, gol gappe, chips, chocolates, cakes, etc. and the list of unhealthy food goes on and on.  Before getting into the tips for healthy lifestyle and eating habits let us first understand why you should take care of your health.

Why should you take care of your health?

Here are a few reasons why you should take care of your health:

  1. According to WHO, 39% of the world population is overweight. This is a cause of a variety of diseases.
  2. Yoga can boost your cognitive function and reduce stress.
  3. Health issues overshadow different aspects of your life.
  4. Poor health habits contribute to stress.
  5. Poor diet causes lethargy, jittery, mood swings, fatigue, weakness & lack of energy.

Are you still thinking if you need to take any action towards creating a healthy lifestyle? The importance of healthy eating habits is often underrated. Let me reiterate the same with you.

  • Adopting a healthy diet helps become free of all your ailments.
  • Mental health is adversely affected by our food choices. So healthy food can help you to be in a healthy state of mind.
  • A healthy diet can reduce obesity and obesity related health issues. So you can become look slim and sexy.
  • Healthy eating habits reduce the risk of heart diseases.
  • Boost your mood with healthy food. Healthy food boosts your mood and makes you more energetic in perform daily physical activities.

You must have seen your favourite celebrity share their healthy lifestyle pictures on social media to show how fit they are.

healthy lifestyle pictures

Don’t you want to look fit like them?

Even if that’s not your goal, you must have a healthy lifestyle habits list to take care of your well being. This list can vary from person to person depending on what fitness goal you are trying to achieve. What’s important is that you can also become fit and healthy by having a healthy lifestyle habits list and implementing those habits. But before taking action let’s define what are healthy habits.

What are healthy habits?

According to Medical Dictionary, a behaviour that benefits one’s physical and mental health & is often linked to a high level of discipline and self control. Examples include regular exercise, balanced diet, etc.

importance of healthy eating habits

The reality is that our body finds it difficult to digest unhealthy food. We as a living being of nature are programmed to digest natural fruits and vegetables well. When our body doesn’t get nutrition in our food then we begin to encounter diseases.

How can we improve our health?

It is essential to consume a whole foods diet which means that we need to consume foods as close to their original form as possible. Processed and refined food loses it’s nutritional value.

If you are looking to develop a healthy lifestyle which is free of ailments and diseases it is essential to follow a few tips for healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

What are the tips for a healthy lifestyle and eating habits?

Here are the tips for healthy lifestyle and eating habits to consider adopting to stay healthy:

  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Sleep well. Aim to get 6-8 hours of sleep every night.
  3. Keep active by indulging in simple workout at home.
  4. Eat a sustainable, balanced and healthy diet with the right mix of greens and fruits.
  5. Find effective ways to manage stress by practicing meditation and yoga.
  6. Reconnecting with yourself and your loved ones on a regular basis.
  7. Having and developing deep and supportive relationships at home is critical to your well being.
  8. Always eat your breakfast.
  9. Don’t neglect dental hygiene.

Balanced diet- How can it help?

Having a balanced diet is extremely critical for a healthy lifestyle. Balanced diet refers to a diet that incorporates all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that need to be consumed in a balanced way in order to sustain good health. Here are a few nutrition tips for healthy lifestyle and eating habits that would help you cover all the components of a balanced diet in your daily eating routine:

nutrition tips
  1. Eat good carbs. Not no carbs. Carbohydrates have their own importance. Whole grains can be an example.
  2. Consume the right amount of proteins. Fish, eggs, nuts, beans are great choices. Take proteins in moderate quantities. Don’t over consume them.
  3. Eat as much fiber as possible. It helps in roughage for your body.
  4. Consume Calcium in some form or the other. Milk can be good but also try out other foods rich in calcium.
  5. Avoid sugar consumption as much as possible.
  6. Drink atleast 6-8 glasses of water a day.

What things should we avoid eating?

  1. Here are a few food categories to avoid eating in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle:
  2. Avoid consuming sugar in food or drinks.
  3. Avoid consuming pizzas as the cheese in them is bad for your health.
  4. Avoid using white bread.
  5. Fried or grilled food such as French fries, potato chips, etc.
  6. Processed cheese and meat.
  7. Fast food meals
  8. High calorie coffee drinks.

What are some lifestyle changes?

components of balanced diet
  1. Eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables in balanced quantities.
  2. Meditate for atleast 15 minutes daily.
  3. Practice Yoga for atleast 20 minutes daily.
  4. Replace sugar cravings by eating fruit.
  5. Instead of using the elevator, consider using the stairs.
  6. Drink as much water from time to time. Try drinking atleast 6 glasses of water daily.
  7. Use brown bread or whole grain bread.
  8. Practice brisk walking. It helps to control blood sugar levels & digest food.

We have discussed tips for healthy lifestyle and eating habits in this article for you to get started by taking action. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and work towards your fitness goals.

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